Susan Iris

Susan has a strong reputation building integrated creative solutions that deliver results. She leads our strategy development practice, designing customized approaches for destinations, associations, and international hotel chains. Susan is fully trained in building and implementing the Balanced Scorecard — originated by Harvard Business School — a strategic planning and management system used extensively in busi ness and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. The BSC approach ensures that business activities are aligned with the vision and strategy of  the organization, improves internal and external communications, and monitors an organization’s performance against strategic goals.

Previously, as the Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC), Susan was responsible for its global brand implementation. She was instrumental to the success of the CTC’s Olympic efforts, spearheading the strategy and marketing for the 2010 Winter Games. She also spent ten years as their Vice President, creating award-winning marketing and sales programs in media and public relations, meetings and conventions, and leisure trade.

Susan is also credited with developing the destination partnership approach that was adapted by key industry associations and resulted in her award for Professional Achievement by PCMA.